Weekly Maths Tasks – Money



Play the money song: The link is below: .

Look at the different amounts of money, identify them and tell your grown up what they are. Remember to use ‘p’ for pennies and ‘£’ for pounds. Ask them where the 3p, 6p, 7p etc are. Why do we not have those? How can we get that money? (Answer: You have to make it).

Play ‘Toy Shop Money Game’ and the ‘Coins Game’ on top marks. The link is below: .

Ensure the children are orally saying the correct amounts as they press on the coins and play the games.

Add amounts of money together. Focus on adding 1ps together to start with. For instance: 1p + 1p = 2p 1p + 1p + 1p + 1p = 4p. ETC. If children are finding this easy, challenge them by using different money amounts. For instance: 2p + 1p = 3p 5p + 1p = 6p 2p + 1p + 1p = 4p ETC.

Weekly Reading tasks – PHONICS and Peace at Last



Go through the phase 1 and phase 3 phonic sound mats that were given to you. Go through each sound with your child and get them to show you the action of that sound.


Continue to read for 5 minutes every day. Could be a sentence or even a page of a book to remind them of the rules of reading. Remind your children to use their phonics to help them by chopping and blending the words.
With your children, read Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. I have attached a YouTube link of the book so your children can listen to it:


Ask your child some questions about this book to see if they understood it. A list of example questions are below: What is the title of the book? Who is the author of the book? Who was snoring in the book? What was baby bear pretending to be? How do you know? How was Mr Bear feeling? How do you know? Which characters were in the story? Why did Mr Bear not go to sleep? How do you know? How do you feel when you are tired? What things are in your bedroom? What goes tick tock? What makes a drip drip sound? What was making noise outside that stopped Mr Bear from sleeping? How do you think Mr Bear felt in the morning when he woke up?


Encourage your child to answer the questions by looking at the different pages and pictures in the book. There are clues in the pictures! They help us answer questions.


Choose an audiobook to listen to at

Weekly writing tasks – Two writing tasks to be completed on different days: A list and a descriptive sentence:



Explain to your children that you need to write a list of the people in your family. Before you do that, get them to tell you which members of the family there are – get a few describing words in there! Remind them to use capital letters and finger spaces and use their phonics to sound out words. Remind them that lists do not have full stops. Remind them to use a bullet point before each new thing on the list and to go on the next line. We have learned about lists before at school, so children should be familiar with this. When they have written a list, get them to choose someone from the list and write a descriptive sentence about them.


An example list is below:

In my family there is my:

● Helpful daddy

● Clever mummy

● Funny brother

● Silly sister

● Fluffy cat

I like my dad because he is kind and we go to the park together. My dad has black hair and it is the same as mine.


Ask children to write a sentence about the book Peace at Last. They have to choose a character from the book and write one sentence about them. Re read the book to help the children remember the different characters.


Two examples are below:

The cat is black and has a long tail. Mr Bear could not sleep because Mrs Bear was snoring.

Learning project: My family & I:


The project this week gives opportunities for your child to learn more about their family, who is in their family and what they look like! We will focus on who is in our house and what are family look like by being creative and using our artistic skills!


Crafty Creations – Create the family from Peace at Last using a range of materials eg a junk model, lego, paint, drawing, sculpture, computer based

Investigating noises – lie on your bed. Can you hear the noises that Mr Bear could hear?

Musical mayhem – Can you make your own musical instrument using items around your house.

Draw your family: Using a pencil and some colouring pencils, get your children to draw themselves and their different family members. Explain that when they draw portraits, we normally stick to drawing the face only. Ensure they are holding the pencil correctly as they draw, they are not pressing too hard and they draw their faces the correct size – not too small and not too big! Get them to use a mirror to help them get creative and sketch in detail! Remember to include the ears!

Other useful websites/resources – Yoga for kids, money songs, different reading stories. – Interactive learning games for children. – phonics game to help support reading – buried treasure is a good game to try.

Oak National Academy – government provided lessons, including video presentations

BBC daily lessons – loads of great resources, games etc


Remember you can discuss any work with the class teacher when they ring you. You can also post any questions and even your children’s work on tapestry. You can also email any photographs or work to be shared on twitter. Please include your child’s name and class on emails so it can be forwarded to the correct teacher! Email –