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Please find below a list of some of the websites offering free or trial periods of their resources. They have been broken down into different subjects but often websites do in fact cover the whole curriculum. None of these websites require payment to access so some of the obvious platforms haven’t been included. Some do require you to log in or create a free account to access.



EYFS Book 1 EYFS Book 2 EYFS Book 3
Year 1 Book 1 Year 1 Book 2 Year 1 Book 3
Year 2 Book 1 Year 2 Book 2 Year 2 Book 3
Year 3 Book 1 Year 3 Book 2
Year 4 Book 1 Year 4 Book 2
Year 5 Book 1 Year 5 Book 2 Year 5 Book 3
Year 6 Book 1 Year 6 Book 2 Year 6 Book Arithmetic


World Book Online have just made their fabulous collection of over 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home. They have books suitable for all ages. Click on the following logo below to access them: – interactive activities covering a whole range of subjects and year groups – huge treasure trove of activities that cover a whole range of subjects. Also holds links to games etc that are hosted by other sites. – a new picture is shared each day to provoke discussion, debate or writing ideas. – a huge range of different subjects and focuses, arguably the best host of any resource you could need. Have offered a free account in the result of school closures. – lots of specific links to different sites that offer free resources or learning platforms. – huge range of different resources and information broken down into Key Stages and year groups. – free online resource packs. – free online home workbooks


English – spelling activities with specialist resources for each year group. – free online digital download of a specialist children’s newspaper. – free resources linked to the books of Lindsay Littleson including The Titanic Detective Agency and Guardians of the Wild Unicorns. – vast online store of animated comic strips tracking legends and myths from across the world. – downloadable reading activity pack. – free online books – brilliant if you can’t get to the library


Maths – free online maths problems, more focussed at older children. – online resources and print offs with specifically broken down key stage focuses. – a large range of free videos and short films that are then supported by questions and tasks underneath. – free online range of activities broken down into year groups and levels including Greater Depth


Science – lots of science subject areas covered with resources specifically designed for primary age children. (Other subjects are also available on this site). – lots of different and fun science activities you can do in the house or garden

Foundation Subjects – lots of online videos that help keep children active inside and also teach mindfulness and meditation – online programme for teaching and developing touch typing – different activity ideas that involve creating or engaging with different things in your house or garden