Weekly Maths Tasks



● Ten in the bed – Sing the song, There were ten in the bed. Find 10 toys to put into bed. Take one away each time they rollover. How many are left?

● Number formation – Write a number for each toy you put into the bed to make a toy number line.

● Tallest / Smallest – Who is the tallest person and smallest person in your family? Stand your family in a line. Move them around until they are in height order. What other things around your house can you order by size? Teddy bears, cars, pots and pans.

● Family walk number challenge – Count all the red cars on your daily walk. Choose a different colour for the next day. What colour did you find the most of?


Weekly Literacy tasks



  • Story of the week Stickman by Julia Donaldson.
  •  Questions to ask about the story Where does Stickman live? Who does he live with? Look at Stickman’s face. How is he feeling? Why is he sad? What will make him happy? Can you hear the rhyming words?
  •  Letter sound of the week ‘n’. How many things can you find around your house that start with the sound ’n’
  •  What letter sounds do the names of the people in your family start with?
  •  Name writing. Can you use a stick to write your name? You will need a tray or baking sheet then add things like sand, flour, sugar, mud or shaving foam. You could dip the stick in paint to make different marks on a big piece of card or paper.

Weekly Nursery Rhyme



Nursery Rhymes / Songs of the week

● Finger Family

● There were ten in the bed

Learning project


The project this week gives opportunities for your child to learn more about your family.


Family Tree – Make a Family Tree of all the people who live in your house.

1 Make or draw a tree

2 Draw pictures or take photos of each member of your family that live in your house.

3 Stick these onto your tree.

Puppets – Draw a picture of each family member and then cut it out. Stick it to a pencil, spoon or stick to make a puppet. Can you use these puppets to make up a story or sing the Family finger song with them.

Take a photo – Use a camera or smart phone to take a family photo. Put the family members in order from shortest to tallest.

Stickman family – Make a Stickman’s family out of sticks you find in the garden or when you are out and about. Use sticks cello tape and string. They will need 2 arms 2 legs and a head. Can you make Stickman bigger than the children?

Other useful websites/resources


Oak National Academy – government provided lessons, including video presentations

BBC daily lessons – loads of great resources, games etc.


You will receive an email version and a Tapestry version of this project sheet (both are the same). We will be uploading pictures to help you with these ideas on to Tapestry.
Remember you can upload any work completed onto Tapestry and you will receive one our virtual stickers. You can email any photographs or work to be shared on twitter. Please include your child’s name and class on emails so it can be forwarded to the correct teacher! Email –