Author Mohammed Karim

Mohammed Karim

10 Sep

Spelling Zappers

New to 2018 at Yarnfield! Spelling Zappers! Children were sent home with a letter about spelling zappers last Friday and have been busy practicing their spellings in school when they arrive in the mornings. Please support your child to learn their words at home. A list was sent out last week and the list has […]

10 Sep

Year 2 Phonics Reminder!

Dear Parents/Carers, Year 2 have had a brilliant start to the new school year! We have been reading the book ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ and have had our own jungle dance and have been thinking about Gerald the giraffe’s feelings. Children have started to do some super writing in their brand new English books with special […]

21 Jun

SEND Inspection from 25th June to the 29th June 2018.

The inspection will include an online webinar to allow Birmingham City Council parents and carers to contribute. The webinar will take place at 13:30pm on Thursday 21 June and also at 13:30pm on Friday 22 June 2018 . It will be chaired by the lead inspector, who will ask parents and carers about their views […]

23 May

General Data Protection Regulations

How We Use Your Information You may have heard that the law that which manages how we use your information has changed. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) encourages organisations that are responsible for using people’s information to make sure it is clear why we need your information and how it is used. To help […]

17 May

Walk to the River Cole

Year 5 enjoyed a delightful walk down to the River Cole this morning. The weather was perfect for us! It was a long walk and according to Miss Walker’s phone we walked 7km today. Along the river we spotted meanders, stepping stones, a weir and we crossed the bridge alongside the ford. Children also spotted […]

16 May

River Music

As part of our Topic unit about rivers around the world, the children spent the morning composing and playing a piece of music about the journey of a river. In groups, they wrote their own graphic scores, and then chose instruments which they felt best represented the river at different stages.

15 May

River Models

We had an exciting week designing, building and painting 3D models of rivers. The children worked hard in teams of three every afternoon, and they are very proud of the finished products (Miss Aldridge is too!) They have also labelled the features of the river with miniature flags – you can test your child at […]

14 May

Sketching in the sunshine!

  5 Green had a lovely morning outside in the sunshine! The children drew sketches of the school, and will later use these to create a Picasso-inspired piece of artwork. The children had to use their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes to ensure that the building looked realistic.

11 May

What wonderful, cress-y hair we have!

2 Yellow have worked hard to keep our cress-potato people alive for over 3 weeks. After the sunny bank holiday weekend, some of the cress was looking very dry. Luckily, we gave them plenty of extra water this week and most continued to grow. Most of our potato heads managed to grow hair, but some […]

10 May

Maths Mates in 5 Yellow

5 Yellow have been working hard at completing  the levels of Yarnfield’s own multiplication competition. A big well done goes to our four ‘maths mates’ in the class who have completed all levels, completing the diamond level. Well done to Ameer, Haseeb, Ismaeel and Aliza! Don’t forget to be practicing your times tables at home. […]