Special delivery!

Jess Sparkes

24 April 2018

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Home Reception

Special delivery!

Monday 16th April

Reception had a special delivery today. 20 eggs were delivered to our Reception classes in two incubators.

We are so excited to see what will happen next.

Tuesday 17th April

Some of the eggs are starting to wobble. Some of us think we can hear cheeping sounds from inside the shell.


Wednesday 18th April

We have chicks! 17 of our eggs have hatched. Unfortunately 3 chicks didn’t hatch. There are 7 girls and 10 boys in total. Did you know the boys chicks are a yellow colour and the girl chicks are brown?

We transferred the chicks into a brooder, so that they have more room. Next week we will be writing rules on how to look after our chicks.

Monday 23rd April

We held the chicks in class today and talked about what our chicks need in order to stay safe and healthy. We will post some photos of our lovely writing that we have created in class.