Year Four

Summer Challenge (7/20/2017) - We are setting every child in The Ninestiles Trust a summer challenge for English and Maths. Your child will be bringing home 2 booklets which must be completed during the summer break. Each booklet contains the essential knowledge that your child must learn before they start in September and also a range of fun activities
UkulelePicture Ukulele (9/26/2016) - Year 4 Ukulele students have now had their first two lessons! We’re loving all of the super colours. Your child will very soon be able to bring their Ukulele home. To help you tune the instrument at home you can us this website: Please do not try and tune your Ukulele if you do
RainforestPrint Rainforest In A Box (9/16/2016) - RainforestInABox HMWKProjectLetter