Year Five

Summer Challenge (7/20/2017) - We are setting every child in The Ninestiles Trust a summer challenge for English and Maths. Your child will be bringing home 2 booklets which must be completed during the summer break. Each booklet contains the essential knowledge that your child must learn before they start in September and also a range of fun activities
holiday Summer 2 Newsletter (6/9/2017) - newsletter-year-5-summer-2
river Summer 1 Newsletter (6/9/2017) - year-5-summer-1-newsletter
3d-tardis-tardis-6289823-568-768 Spring 1 Newsletter (6/9/2017) - newsletter-proforma-year-5-spring-1
a-picture Year 5 Spring 2 Newsletter (3/1/2017) - newsletter-proforma-year-5-spring-2-v2 Hi all,   I have had a few parents asking about the latest Year 5 newsletter so I’ve uploaded it here.   Mr Stonehall
Autumn 2 Newsletter (11/22/2016) -
spelling Spelling Homework (9/16/2016) - Just to let you know, there will be NO weekly spelling tests this year. Your next test will be on the last week of this half term (17-21th October). You will be tested on your year 3 and 4 words. If you have already mastered these words, you may start learning your year 5-6 words.  
ntl_splash IPC Homework Project 1 (9/16/2016) - Hello everyone, I’m sure you can’t wait to begin working on your IPC projects for this half term! As we are learning about an overview of history, we want you to do some investigating. Your English work will help you a lot for this challenge – we are expecting to receive some really high quality
maths Maths homework (9/16/2016) - Hello everyone, Here you can find a copy of the maths homework booklet for the Autumn term (until after Christmas). Please feel free to bring in and show us any work that you have completed at home. Also, don’t forget to keep practicing your fluency in number facts! You need to know all your times