Year 4 Green

Year 4s Topic – One Boys War (11/23/2017) - Year 4 are learning about a boy who lied about his age so he could become a soldier in World War 2. His name was Robert Lea, he was a Petty Officer Flyer – a Telegraphist Air Gunner in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm flying Swordfish in 836 Naval Air Squadron Flight. Year 4
Hands of Hope (6/9/2017) - Following the recent events in both London and Manchester, we decided (as a class) to have a considerate and thoughtful discussion about what had happened. We held a Circle Time in which each child was given an opportunity so share what they knew. They then asked some very though provoking questions and we tried our
Be a Class Councillor! (5/2/2017) - In the spirit of the current political climate, and to promote one of the key British Values at school (democracy) we will be holding an election to elect 5 Class Councillors to represent all of the children in 4Green. We are looking for the very best! Could it be you? There will be a number
BMAG (4/28/2017) - To start our new ‘Visual Representations’ topic off this week, we went to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. We spent some time looking at the Staffordshire Hoarde, the Egyptian artefacts and fantastic collection of artwork. We could see how art has developed over many thousands of years.
Zoo, Anthony Browne (2/6/2017) - Our new book in English is ‘Zoo’ by Anthony Browne. This is an excellent picture book that will get the children to think about the positives and negatives of zoos. We will be studying this for the next 5 weeks. In the first 2 weeks they will be writing a persuasive argument and then, after
The Case of the Christmas Egg (1/3/2017) - I hope you can help me with my problem… During the Christmas holidays, I went home to visit my parents. After a long day of shopping, we returned home to find a box sitting quietly on the doorstep. We took the box inside (which had a big red ‘fragile – handle with care’ sticker on) and placed
christmaswreathimage Merry Christmas!! (12/16/2016) - Year 4 Green would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! P.S See you back in school on Wednesday 4th January.
100_20701 Rainforest In A Box (12/9/2016) - We are coming to the end of our rainforest work in Year 4 Green. All of the children have worked extremely hard over the last few weeks. They have been debating, sketching and researching lots of facts and arguments about the rainforest. They are on the road to becoming rainforest warriors. Mr Green and Mrs Singh would
chefhatimage Tantalising our taste buds! (11/24/2016) - Continuing our work on the rainforests, we took our skills to the kitchen. The rainforest is a rich source of fruits and edible plants. After spending time studying these ingredients we designed a fruit salad to promote a healthy lifestyle. We chose from a range of ingredients, including: banana, orange, dates, mango, chocolate, guava juice
birmingham-botanical-gardens-logo Birmingham’s Rainforest… (11/8/2016) - Year 4 Green have spent a very cold day wandering around the beautiful botanical gardens in Birmingham. It was great exploring the paths and seeing all of the different trees and plants they grow there. To warm up, we went into the Tropical and Sub-Tropical houses, which are home to Birmingham’s very own rainforest! It was great to
RedEyedTreeFrog Picture Rainforest Foundation UK (9/26/2016) - Year 4 are pleased to announce that this year we will be supporting the Rainforest Foundation UK! They are a great charity that raises money to support forest communities and raise awareness on deforestation. You can read more about what they do on their website: This charity links closely with our first IPC topic ‘Rainforests’,
RainforestPrint 3 (9/16/2016) - Click on the link to view our newsletter for this half term! Y4 AUTUMN1 NEWSLETTER 2016-2017