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Year 2 Weston-Super-Mare (6/22/2017) - We are pleased to tell you that Year 2 will be going on a school trip to Weston-Super-Mare. This will be on: 2 Yellow Tuesday 11th July 2 Green Thursday 13th July 2 Red Tuesday 18th July   We will be leaving school PROMPTLY AT 8.15am.  We are aiming to be back at school by
Year 2 SATs Tests (5/8/2017) - Below are the dates for the Year 2 SATs tests. Reading Paper 1: Friday 12th May 2017 Reading Paper 2: Monday 15th May 2017 Maths Paper 1 (arithmetic): Tuesday 16th May 2017 Maths Paper 2 (reasoning): Wednesday 17th May 2017 SPaG Paper (spelling, punctuation and grammar): Friday 19th May 2017
Change of Class Teachers (4/27/2017) - Dear Parents, Change of Class Teachers – 2 Yellow and 5 Red Following a change in personal circumstances, Miss Haneef (2 Yellow) has informed the school that she will not be able to return to her teaching role here at Yarnfield. In order to maintain the best continuity of education for the children the following
Year 2 summer 1 newsletter (4/25/2017) - newsletter-year-2-summer-1
(4/25/2017) - newsletter-year-2-summer-1 newsletter-year-2-summer-1
Year 2 Newsletter – Spring 1 (1/4/2017) - Year-2-Spring-1 Newsletter
IPC Project Spring 1 (1/4/2017) - IPC Project Spring 1
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IPC Entry Point Day-Circus (11/10/2016) - We really enjoyed our IPC Entry Point Day as we participated in a range of fun and exciting activities throughout the day. These activities included decorating the clown masks, practised juggling the scarves and balls, balancing the plate on the pointy stick, twisting the hoola hoop, walking on the wire, juggling the diabolo and balancing
Year 2 Autumn Maths Homework (11/10/2016) - Dear Parents/Carers, Please help your child with their Maths homework. Thank you for your help in advance. Miss R Hanif y2-maths-homework-term-1
Year 2 IPC Project (11/8/2016) - IPC Circus Project
Year 2 Botanical Gardens Trip (9/27/2016) - We will be taking Year 2 on a school trip to the Botanical gardens, leaving school at 9:30am and returning at the end of the day. Your child’s class will be going on the following date: 2 Red Wednesday 28th September 2 Green Thursday 29th September 2 Yellow Friday 30th September Children are to wear