Reception Green

Reception Green Homework (2/9/2017) - Here is some of the wonderful homework from this half term. The children had to explain what they would like to be when they grow up.
Reception Staff perform ‘The Enormous Turnip’ (1/6/2017) - This week Reception have been introduced to the story ‘The Enormous Turnip.’ This morning, the Reception staff turned themselves into the characters and performed the story for the children. We could hear the chants of “pull, pull” from down the corridor. Great fun!
‘When I Grow Up’ Homework – Spring 1 (1/4/2017) - This term we are looking at the topic ‘Marvelous People’ Please complete a project with your child exploring what they would like to be when they grow up. when-i-grow-up-homework-spring-1
Reception Newsletter – Spring 1 (1/4/2017) - eyfs-newsletter-reception-spring-1
homework Reception Homework (12/12/2016) - We have had some more wonderful homework returned today. This is Hussain’s project explaining what his family does when it Eid.  
the-nativity Nativity! (12/9/2016) - This afternoon we performed our Nativity to some of the older children. Here is a picture of the children in their costumes. We hope you will join us next week to come and watch the show.  
santa Hatton Adventure World (12/5/2016) - Last week, we went to visit Hatton Adventure World. All of the children and adults had an amazing time.  
Phonics Parent’s Workshop (11/25/2016) - Thank you to all the parent’s that came to the workshop this morning. We hope you enjoyed it.  
christmas The Christmas Story (11/21/2016) - In Reception we have been beginning to learn our Nativity Play. Here is a link to a video of the Christmas story:
Autumn 2 Homework (11/21/2016) - Our homework this half term is to make a project to explain a celebration you have taken part in. Here is the first one back:      
scania-ultraheavy-appliance Fire Engine visits Reception (11/1/2016) - We were very lucky today to have  a visit from a fire engine. The children got to squirt the hose and to sit in the cabin. Thank you to the West Midlands Fire Service.  
More Homework (10/21/2016) - Here is some more of the wonderful homework from children in Reception Green.  
alphabet-1207048_960_720 Upper and Lower Case Alphabet (10/17/2016) - This shows how we form our letters at school. We start teaching pre-cursive in Reception.  
More Reception Homework (10/17/2016) - This is some of the wonderful homework children in Reception Green have being doing this half term. Well done.  
Reception Homework (10/4/2016) - Hussain’s Family Tree
Reception Newsletter (9/19/2016) - It has been lovely to see all the Reception children settling in their first few weeks. We have an exciting year ahead. Please find some information on what’s coming up this half term! Reception Newsletter Autumn 1