Nursery Fox Hollies Forum Trip (5/5/2017) - Dear Parent/Carer, NURSERY VISIT TO FOX HOLLIES FORUM – Thursday 18th May 2017 & Tuesday 23rd May The Nursery staff have arranged a visit to Fox Hollies Forum in Acocks Green (off Shirley Road) on Thursday 18th May 2017 for part time children who attend Wednesday-Friday. Another trip has been booked for Tuesday 23rd May for part
Library Visit (3/22/2017) - It was Yellow Group’s turn to visit Acocks Green Library. The children did really well to walk all that way in the  FREEZING cold! We met Joanne the Librarian and lots of people signed up for a library card. Some even chose books and took them home the same day! Thank you to all the
Library Trip (3/16/2017) - Green Group had a wonderful time visiting Acocks Green library. We had a lovely walk soaking up the warm sunshine and looking at all the pretty flowers along the way. When we got to the library, Joanne read us some stories then we got the chance to explore all the exciting books and share them
World Book Day (3/3/2017) - We had SO much fun celebrating World Book Day! There were so many things going on. The children all helped to decorate our Nursery door into a jungle scene. Have a look at all the wonderful animals they have created! Many children decorated potatoes with their family at home to look like characters from our story Monkey
20170109_104620 Helping Middle-sized Mummy Bear make Porridge (1/11/2017) - Goldilocks ate all Baby Bear’s porridge because it was just right! We helped Mummy Bear by making some more porridge for hungry Baby Bear.
Windy Wednesday in the Nursery (1/11/2017) - We had tremendous fun exploring moving air on such a windy day in the Nursery playground!
Party Time (12/15/2016) - Nursery staff, children and parents had a wonderful party on Wednesday. We had so much fun decorating biscuits, making party hats, necklaces and bracelets and, most importantly, eating LOTS of party food. Thank you to all the wonderful parents for making this time really special for the children! Have a look at the super photographs.
Firefighters came to Yarnfield (11/3/2016) - We were so lucky to have the Firefighters visit us on Tuesday this week. Nursery children have been learning how to keep safe around fire and finding out about things we CAN and things we CAN’T touch. Jamilah said that she isn’t allowed to touch the cooker at home, when asked why? She said that
Autumn Walk (10/20/2016) - Nursery children and parents had a wonderful time when we went on our Autumn Bear Hunt. Cheeky Barney Bear had gone on a journey again. He left us some clues as to where he had been. We followed these clues which led us to the park where we collect lots of conkers, leaves, sticks and seeds. We
Rainbow Cakes (10/17/2016) - We were very lucky to have Issac’s Mum come into the Nursery to make Rainbow cakes. First we washed our hands. Next we counted out and mixed the ingredients. Then we added food colouring and poured it into cake cases. After that we cooked them. Finally we ate them and they were delicious! Nursery staff