Year 4 Yellow

Year 4 Yellow

28 Apr

Year 4 Topic – Why is Birmingham a cool place to live?

In topic this half term children are learning all about Birmingham. We really enjoyed learning about John Cadbury last week and designing our own chocolate bars. This week children looked at physical and man-made characteristics of Birmingham and the United Kingdom.

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27 Apr

Year 4 English – Summer

In our English lessons we are focusing on the book Leon and the Place Between. This is an adventure book where Leon gets transported using magic to a new, mysterious world. The children are creating their own worlds where Leon will be visiting and writing their own endings to a narrative.

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26 Apr


  Electricity is Year 4’s current Science topic. This week, they were given batteries, bulbs, crocodile clips, motors and light bulbs to investigate how to make a circuit. As you can see, they had a lot of fun.

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23 Nov

Year 4s Topic – One Boys War

Year 4 are learning about a boy who lied about his age so he could become a soldier in World War 2. His name was Robert Lea, he was a Petty Officer Flyer – a Telegraphist Air Gunner in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm flying Swordfish in 836 Naval Air Squadron Flight. Year 4 […]

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