Attendance Awards Autumn Term (2016-2017)

The Argos Prize Draw Vouchers for children with 100% attendance each term will be replaced by a trip to Toys R Us. The winner will be able to purchase a bike or scooter to value of £100.00.


The draw  will take place in the main hall on Thursday 12th January 2017. Best of luck to all.


We have introduced  an Attendance Money Tree to encourage good school attendance and punctuality. The first three highest classes with attendance over 95% for the week will receive a £10.00 (play money) to attach to their money tree. Classes with 100% attendance will get £20.00. When enough funds have been collected the class takes part in an activity of their choosing up to the value of funds raised.


Yarnfield Primary School is working in partnership with parents to improve school attendance.   We would like to congratulate the many parents who make sure their children attend school regularly.

It is parent’s legal responsibility to ensure their children receive appropriate education.  Failing to send your child to school regularly without good reason is a criminal offence.

Absence disrupts the education of the individual pupil and the whole class. Are you aware that children who do not attend regularly:

  • do not achieve well in exams
  • find it difficult to maintain friendships
  • are more likely to become involved in crime
  • miss out on opportunities in further education and the world of work

Frequent absence can add up to a considerable amount of lost learning and can seriously disadvantage your child in adult life.

If your child’s level of absence is of serious concern you will receive another letter advising you about improving attendance.   After this, any further unauthorised absence may result in the Local Authority taking legal action.

We will improve attendance by making it clear within the school and local community that unauthorised absence is not acceptable.   You will be informed of the number of penalty notices issued, prosecutions and also of the percentage of improvement in attendance.

Our attendance and punctuality has been on an upward trend this academic year

How does your child compare? (Autumn Term 5th Sept 2016 to 17th Feb 2017)

Attendance % Number of Children Narrative
97% and above 351 Excellent Attendance
95% – 97% 81 Good Attendance
90% – 95% 141 Be aware
80% – 90% 44 Worrying – Less chance of success
Less 90% 53 Serious Concerns