Welcome Letter

May I welcome you back to the new academic year at Yarnfield Primary School. My name is Carol Phillips and I am the Interim Principal of your school. I have worked for Ninestiles Academy Trust from the formation of the Trust and recently held the position of Principal of Erdington Hall Primary School. I have spent the last academic year working within the secondary schools. I am proud to be a member of the Trust and consider it an honour to be working with such committed staff and of course your wonderful children.

We have spent the last two days reviewing and developing Teaching and Learning to ensure that we provide the best provision that will result in successful outcomes for your children. We do recognise there is a job to do, but I am confident in the ability and drive of all the staff in our school.

Here are some of the key changes in school:

We have changed the school logo, it is now a spindle with golden thread. The golden thread represents the thread of learning that will be in everything we do at Yarnfield Primary. This will not currently affect the current school uniform.


We are delighted to welcome Miss Hanlon to our school. Miss Hanlon will be teaching 1 Green.

Mr Swain will be the class teacher in 2 Red and Mr Clarke will be working in Year 4.

Letters home:

We will be sending paper copies of our letters to the oldest child in your family only. Letters will be still accessed on our school website.  A text message with the link will be sent all parents.

Labels in clothes:

We are very concerned about lost property. Please make sure all your childrens clothes (particularly coats and jackets) are clearly labelled.

Parent consultations:

We want to provide you with an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher to talk about how your child has settled and to share some curriculum information. This will be informal. The date will be sent to you next week.

My first day with your children has been delightful. I have received lots of smiles and have witnessed behaviours for learning at a very high standard. I know this is a sign of what will be happening everyday at Yarnfield.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Carol Phillips

Interim Principal